Why should you c​onsider using our solution fo​r railway monitoring? Here we break it down for you

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Predicts arising faults

With real-time sensors and AI (Artificial Intelligence) fueled by Machine Learning, RMD’s system automatically predicts and classifies upcoming faults in the rail and in the rolling stock – something that was impossible before RMD.

Detects acute faults within seconds

If an acute fault is imminent, like a wheel flat, RMD’s system detected this within seconds, giving the train driver a warning to stop the train in time to avoid extensive damage to the railway – and a prolonged stop of the rail traffic.

Reduces risk of costly derailments

In Europe 600 open line freight train derails every year, each to a cost of in average €750,000, excluding indirect costs. In the USA, the total costs of derailments are about €400 million per year. With RMD’s real-time monitoring, the risk for derailments is greatly reduced.

Avoids expensive repairs with predictive maintenance

With live updates about component health and predictions about upcoming faults, it becomes possible to forecast maintenance needs and perform maintenance just in time. Therefore, you also avoid expensive repairs – resulting in lower costs and maximised runtime.

More reliable and profitable transports 

Recurrent train delays with late travellers, expensive replacement traffic and downtimes in business production due to missed deliveries, will all be a part of the past through the help of RMD’s system. And, with more punctual and efficient transports the profits increase.

Our platform provides an array of advantages